Red Gerard is an Olympic gold medalist, or as his friends and family would say, “SHEEEEESSSHHHHHH! Reddigoooo!” On a cold and sunny day in Pheonix Park, Red hugged his support staff up top, shouted good luck to the rider that would drop after him, and then pointed it for his third and final run. Lacing the rail section and first jump, complete with a frontside indie poke that has gotten as many shoutouts from the snowboarding community as his gold medal, all Red had to do was land his second jump for a chance at the third, a feature he had yet to make it to due to falls in his previous attempts.

The golden poke. p: Mark Clavin

In front of a sold out crowd (that we think mostly consisted of his family members) Red landed perfectly off the first two jumps and crouched down to garner enough speed for the final hit. Boosting a massive triple cork 14, Red opened up with plenty of room to spare and put down what might be considered the run of his life. Using the course to its full potential, Red Gerard earned himself a gold medal with no asterisk or caveat attached. We couldn’t be more stoked, and neither can snowboarding. Good on ya’ Red, congrats!

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