Ride and Create: Nitro Russia

After the Olympic events back in 2014, the Russian region of Sochi was hit by a real touristic boom, where in the spring time the New Star Camp became a magnet for Russian riders. The Nitro team, which is always camping in the spring, visited to film for their new video project Ride and Create. Bluebird days, solid park, wonderful mountains, parties, and events plenty of events kept them busy!

Ride and Create movie from Rainbow Magazine features riding from Denis Leontiev, Sergey Zuk, Slava Egle, Kolya Golubev, Kirill Krivov, Artem Pichkhadze, Sergey Goglov, Timogey Strykov, Alexandr Smelov and Mikhail Potemkin. Film and edit by Mikhail Potemkin!

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