Ride Snowboards Turns Down for Absolutely Nothing at Superpark 18

There’s a myriad of ways to get turnt in Government Camp, but the methodology with which the Ride Snowboards team sent it at Superpark 18 is definitely the way we would go. From taking to the oft-neglected Govy streets during a weather day for a wooden rail session; to crushing powder when it dumped on hill; Spencer Schubert’s off-course rail lines and Derrek Lever’s masonite thrashing; along with Yuki Kadono and Jake Welch’s sends off the step up and hip–this crew definitely gave ‘er at Hood. So, sit back and enjoy the snowboarding of Jake Welch, Derrek Lever, Spencer Schubert, Alex Sherman, Brandon Davis, Austin Hironaka, Yuki Kadono, Todd Kirby, Spencer Whiting, Jonas Michilot, Tanner McCarty, and friends. Plus, by the 3:30 mark, the molly kicks in just enough to actually enjoy the last song. Oh wait, we meant Miley. Not molly.