words: Mark Clavin
video: Spencer Whiting

It is crazy enough that all of the talent in the RK1 crew grew up right in each other’s backyard. Consisting of Stale Sandbech, Alek Oestreng, Len Jorgensen, Torgeir Bergrem, and Øivind Fyske, it is even crazier that they still find time amongst all of their busy filming and competition schedules to get together and make edits with one another.

It might not be their home in Norway, but Laax is definitely a home away from home for the Norwegian crew. Stale has even gone as far to say it is his favorite mountain of all time, and riding it with his best buds is as good as it gets.

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Deciding to meet up at the conclusion of the Norwegian Snowboarding Championships, their week in Laax marked the first time since the start of the season that the whole gang was able to ride together. Beers were drank, naps were had, and pictures of Torgeir sleeping in odd places were uploaded to Instagram.

Along with riding non-stop, a collective highlight amongst the crew was gaining more followers on the newly formed @sleepytorgier page, dedicated to pictures of Torgeir Bergrem sleeping. It first started as a joke when Stale noticed that if Torgeir wasn’t required to be awake he would just start sleeping wherever. It has since formed into an habit that Stale can’t resist to have fun with.

Once Torgeir finally woke up, Rk1 got to work. The first part of the week brought a good amount of wind and overcast. Not ideal for the video. But as a testament to their work ethic and fueled by brown cheese (Norwegian thing, look it up) and waffles, they dropped a short edit ripping windlips and having a blast.

And just as very good snowboarding story goes, the weather cleared and the guys had three days left to stack clips and make the edit that they had planned for. With the help of freshly kidnapped SNOWBOARDER intern Spencer Whiting behind the camera, the boys got to lapping and did what has come naturally to them for so many years. They even broke some camera equipment along the way.

“They never fall,” reported our scared intern as he had no other choice than to follow cam the Scandinavian savants across the windlips and minipipes. Spencer has since returned to the United States safe and sound and has smuggled these edits for you all to enjoy. So without further ado, scroll back to the top and re-watch the latest edit from RK1. Be on the lookout for more from these guys as late season riding hits full swing!

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