Rome Snowboards – Road Trips Never Fail

Piling your crew into a (hopefully) reliable rig, loading the back up with snowboard gear, and pointing it toward the hills to chase turns is a seasonal rite of passage. Few endeavors yield the long days, longer nights, and collective stories that are produced by a solid road trip. This past May, the Rome Snowboards team set out on an epic season-ender in a refurbished Greyhound bus, following the snowline in Oregon from Mount Hood to Mt. Bachelor, with plenty of stops in between. Wiley Pacific Northwest spring weather and angry parking lot attendants; some of the finest concrete skateparks around and a week spent lapping Superpark; days spent bombing snakeruns and training jumplines; evenings filled with parking lot hangs, Rainier and dice. This is the stuff traveling is made of; this is why Road Trips Never Fail.

Featuring Will Lavigne, Ozzy Henning, Riley Nickerson, Keenan Cawley, Jeff Hopkins, Thomas Delfino, and more.