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Step 1: Mix your favorite fruity alcohol with liquid plumber and consume.

Step 2: Smoke something, anything that will burn, preferably out of a bong.

Step 3: Forget what you thought you knew about the gay liberal yuppy state of Vermont

Step 4:
Prior to viewing the feature watch the extra's section entitled "Jus Liv N VT"

Now that you got your mind right you're ready to watch and enjoy Rutland.

If most snowboard films are like drinking beer than Rutland is like chugging Long Island Iced Teas all night. Beer is fun, but you generally get full and pass out before you end up dead or soaked in blood. On the other hand, after a dozen long island iced teas the restraints instilled on you by the norms of society disappear before you realize you've pissed yourself. That's how Rutland is.

Should we put this girl's tits in the video? Was it a good idea to film ourselves vandalizing construction equipment? Do people want to see footage of wild raccoons fighting? Do you think I can push this tree over? Fortunately for the makers of this film the answer to every one of these questions is yes, so thank you. Rutland gives the people what they want even if they didn't know hey wanted it. The vid starts out with an intro that lets you know what you're in for: Magoon boarding, muddin', pit bulls, weed, skateboarding, rope swings, cliff diving, boozing, dirt bikes, straight thuggin' tail taps, weed, fights, etc. To be honest they might have blown their wad on the intro because I was left hoping for more fights.

Along with the skateboarding and four-wheeling there's some pretty good snowboarding, most of which takes place at Alpine meadows and in the Tahoe backcountry. It's no surprise that Niko, who manhandles the longest wood rail backlip to date, has the opener and Magoon has the ender. Between their parts there are a bunch of solid sections and shared parts. Shane Fortier's section stands out even though it's lacking shots of him drinking or doing drugs (pussy). Other notables include Sawyer Dean, the Lynch brothers, and R Kelly. We suggest you download a copy of Rutland, watch it and then imitate these kids, if you're a TM; sponsor them.

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