Saying—The Impaler

Jibbers gotta jib. Go jib or go home. Jib or die. Today was a jib day. Jibiny Crickets.

Jib is a pretty crazy word when you say it over and over again. Now just imagine actually doing it for four years straight. With their latest offering, The Impaler crew put together clips from 2015-2018 for four seasons of jibs packed into one movie. Simply put, it is a must watch.

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Featuring Brian Pracht, Jared McDaniel, Ryan Pluche, Jack Harris, Lucio DM, Jeff Holce, Luke Zajac, Matt Aura, Grady Tank, Emit Salokar, Matt Krei, Cole Linzmeyer, Bunson Delfino, Mike Skiba, Calvin Green, Kyle Kennedy, Ryan Paul, Colin Wilson, Mike Liddle, and plenty more. Filmed by seemingly just as many. Enjoy.

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