Scott Stevens Snowboard x Miniramp Section from The Union Team Movie: Stronger

The master of board control gets loose on a snow-covered miniramp.

Scott Stevens has a knack for envisioning not only the never been done, but also the never before thought of–the even rarer NBTO and while every year he whips out a fresh set of tricks in his video parts, in his latest offering, embedded in The Union Team Movie: Stronger, Scott also stacked a bonus segment that further illustrates both his endless creativity and his insane board control. Our hand-eye coordination may not be as adept as this East Coast native’s, but lucky for us, all we have to do to watch this snowboarding miniramp section is click the little play button on the video. So sit back and enjoy Scott’s take on a snow-covered miniramp in SLC and make sure to check out his full part from Stronger.

To check out the full movie, head over to The Union Team Movie: Stronger site.