The modified pipe got a facelift for the 2018 winter Dew Tour. Beginning with a spine that fed into a halfpipe, the course took a quick transition into a series of hips before concluding with another pipe section. All in all, the course allowed for a variety of alternatively structured runs and promoted a creative approach from the start.

For Saturday’s final, riders came out of the gate strong, with two of the top three scores of the day put down on the first run. Scotty James, the only podium finisher who didn’t compete on Friday in the Team Challenge, kicked the day off with a 93.33 on his first run, the highest scoring run of the day. His run, which started with a switch backside rodeo on the spine continued into the pipe switch and hosted both classic straight airs as well as the standard double ensamble we’ve been accustomed to in recent years.

Scotty’s CAPiTA teammate, Chase Josey, followed close on Scotty’s tail with an 88.33 on his second run to secure the silver medal. Like Scotty, Chase’s run consisted of multiple switch tricks throughout the pipe and hip sections, displaying a strong creative vision in the modified pipe format. Yesterday’s Team Challenge winner, Toby Miller from DC Snowboarding, continued his dominating presence in the pipe with a third place podium finish and an 84.33 on his first run of the day. Toby’s run, which started with a very stylish, yet very unorthodox front three on the spine, continued through the pipe with confident authority reminiscent of his Grand Prix second place finish last week.

When all was said and done, the modified pipe format proved to improve with age and allowed for both creative technical approaches, as well as the classic high-amplitude pipe airs that have been the gold standard as of late. Congratulations to Scotty, Chase, and Toby on their creative attacks on this year’s modified pipe format.

The modified pipe podium from left to right, Chase Josey, Scotty James, and Toby Miller. PHOTO: Chris Ortiz

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