Every so often there arises an edit that stands apart because of its whimsicality, recklessness and eat-shit-or-die mentality; the Scuballoon boys recently published such an edit filmed at Fonna in Norway. The combined energies of Sondre Dorum, Markus Rustad, Markus Storsveen, Daniel Bo, Henning Andresen, Didrik Christensen create one massive of aura of abandon. These boys really know how to grab, not just tickle the board, but grip, dominate, and tweak its body. Their air awareness is uncanny, loose, just solid enough to help them stomp their tricks with an explosive style that is stimulating to watch. You fear for their lives, you admire their creativity, and they seem like a crew with whom you’d want to ride—that is, until the carnage of the double-flipping antics begins.

Edit by Markus Rustad.