Ben Poechman sent over this edit that was made using just a Selfie Stick that he received as a gag gift. Once he started taking it out though, Ben found that the stick allowed for unique, organic angles. Like an artist working on a series of self portraits, Ben and his Selfie Stick capture a definite spirit of snowboarding in the woods, farmland, and beyond in Ontario. From powder turns to roof drops to cliff drops and pillows in the woods to classic turns in open fields, the POV of the Selfie Stick provides a compelling look at a winter spent standing sideways.

From Ben:

A random gag gift turned a stupid Selfie Stick into a vital tool in the search for soul through a cold winter in Ontario. Shove it in the snow, press record, and capture raw organic snowboarding. Solo missions into the woods are now fueled by the usefulness of a stick and a point ‘n’ shoot camera.

For more check out #Selfiestickman and #farmboarding.