Sequence_02—Strange Brew at Boreal Mountain

Didn’t we say there there would be more Strange Brew to follow? Luckily, Brett Wulc backed up Sequence_01 in a major way with Sequence_02. We were always told don’t go chasing waterfalls, but we feel like the first two minutes of this edit is a direct contradiction in the best way possible. Video and edit by Brett Wulc, featuring riding by Ian Daly, Freddy Mccarthy, Nate Haust, Keegan Hosefros, Brady Lem, Cole Sorensen, Zander Blackmon, Kai Ujejski and Keenan Cawley.

In Brett’s words:
we're found puzzled in
the snowy mountain,
omnisciently inept.
we're learning secrets
and forgetting tricks,
just like an oubliette.
how is it we're here?
which direction steers,
what ever is the quest?
questionless questions,
power suggestions,
are lost on us, possessed.

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