The follow-up to Scotty Vine’s Sessions video from last week is none other than the Minnesota native Ryan Paul! Better known as the zany character from down the lane, Ryan Paul’s riding and beard can be summed up in the same word: burly. For over the past fifteen years, no matter where he has spent his seasons, Paul has returned to lap Afton Alps… Check above video for proof.

As an all-around Sessions champ, and now a possible fruit juice maven (Check out his Instagram @haryanpunch, pronounced like Hawaiian Punch.), the 26-year-old has accomplished a large amount in his tenure as a pro snowboarder, and we hope that just like his beard, he keeps growing. Take a look back at his beginnings at Afton Alps, and know that he has never lost it, and never will. Oh wait… Always Have, Always Will. Collected and brought to you by Sessions!

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