Shred Billies – Episode 2 Part 1

From Mt. Hood Riders:

Shred Billies Episode 2 was a lot of hard work, real great times though! We managed to find some great, clean snow, way out there. The trek was tough, battling 70+ temperature, lightning, flat landings, it was intense! In the meantime, Hette and crew, were stacking hammers in HCSC and Public. This is part 1, the intro. Part 2 is park, 3 is the creative section. These will be dropping over the next few days. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen, and everyone supporting us through our journey. Enjoy!

Featuring Brent Lybarger, Ian Smith, Abraham Barnett, Ian Sullivan, Ryan Streicher, Sam Klien, Al Grogan, Michelle Zeller, Morgan Smith, Matt Ball, Andy Glader, Frank Tadashi Day, Herman Neal, Jake Aaronson, Paden Little, and Javier Vento.