Simon Chamberlain Full Part – On Our Grind

Since the early 2000’s Simon Chamberlain’s video parts has proffered worthy contributions to the state of rail riding each year. With plenty of video segments under his belt, the past few seasons this industrious Canadian has stacked enough shots for a litany of webisodes in addition to hammer-filled full parts. Last year, he set off with his brother André to three cities in different Canadian provinces: Calgary, Alberta; Toronto, Ottawa; and Montreal, Quebec, meeting up with friends along the way to stack shots in the streets. Always one to walk his own line, Simon’s On Our Grind full part reflects Simon’s penchant for snowboarding his own way, bringing along others who share his passion and motivation. So, sit back, relax, and take in a season with one of the statesmen of jibbing, Simon Chamberlain.