If you’ve ever spent time in Sun Valley, Idaho, it’s likely you’ve seen folks on skis being towed by horses. This form of locomotion is called skijoring–the act of being towed behind a large animal, such as a horse or dog(s)–and is popular in the area. Recently during a powder dry spell, Chase Josey and Spencer Cordovano hooked up with their friend Dan Van, an AK heli guide who is also on the skijoring circuit. Dan has a large ranch in Bellevue and was stoked to put together a skijoring/hip collaboration with Chase and Spencer.

There’s plenty of elements that make horse tow-ins fairly complex: the animals can only do a few tows, for starters, and the snow surface needs to be the right quality for the horses to be able to maneuver on it (the horses have snow-specific shoes for this purpose). After spending the day shaping the hip, conditions were right, so Chase grabbed the rope and got up to about thirty-five MPH behind the horse, which was plenty of speed for the ten-foot tall, forty-five-foot long hip. Said Spencer, “Dan Van is real cowboy who likes to have a good time and this jump is a staple of his ingenuity and need for fun, especially with horses.” And of course, Chase was down to throw some picture perfect methods as the sun set.

So the background is breif one this one. Ski Joring is a big sport in our town and my friend Dan van, ( who is heli guide at AK snowboard guides has a large ranch in belleuve)is on the ski joring circut skiign and riding. . we had few day dry spell of powder so we went to check out his ski joring course and have some fun, but I always wanted to make a jump and tow in behind the horse. I told Dan he should build us a jump and at 7 am the next morning it was ready. So we spent a day shaping and then pulled out the horses. It was unreal it is sketchy with the horse they only can do a few tows and the snow needs to correct quality for them to be comfortable. All of his horse have specific shoes for snow travel. They got us up to aboiut 35 mph which was plenty fast for a our ten foot talll 45 ft long hip, made of snow in a pasture. Dan van is real cowboy who likes to have a good time and this jump is a staple of his enguinty and need for fun, especially with horses. Chase josey is agood snowbaord who can deal with any conditions.