Sage Kotsenburg is well on his way into the legendary books of snowboarding. He has already made history by winning the first gold in Olympic slopestyle competition, and now has been showing his prowess in the backcountry. The snowboard world has been on notice for awhile, and he continues to impress, including the Dayumm! movie with Halldor Helgason earlier this season. Check in with the latest from Sage as he laps through Park City, and be on the lookout for his next video part… we think we know who he is filming with…

From Oakley:

He won the first-ever Olympic gold medal in Snowboard Slopestyle. Dream achieved. Instead of continuing down the contest path, Sage Kotsenburg decided he wanted a change. A new challenge. A different journey. He wanted to dictate his future, not let the contest schedule do so. Chase the best conditions, push his riding, conquer new terrain – and in the process, produce some of the best video parts the industry has seen. So that's what he's done. What he's doing. He's out there. This is the next chapter of Sage Kotsenburg.

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