Snowboarder Goggle Exam 2019—Oakley Fall Line XL with Prizm React

Last spring, SNOWBOARDER Magazine traveled with Frank April all the way to a famed cat operation outside of Nelson, British Columbia to partake in a vision quest of sorts. While we won't confirm or deny any ingesting of Scooby Snacks, we will admit to spending four days straight tripping out on the chest deep conditions! And then there were the visuals…

Frank checking out the Oakley Fall Line XL with Prizm Reactp: Jeff Baker

Not long ago, goggles were largely looked upon as an afterthought and often, the last item acquired when dialing in one's kit. Price and fashion were a selling point, leading many to view them as a commodity item. Now in 2019, the term "accessory" can hardly be applied to how these high-tech tools are viewed and more importantly, to how they improve what's viewed by snowboarders while they are strapped in.

With snowfall measured in meters and a tenure packed with a lifetime's worth of untracked trees, chutes, open bowls and off-piste goodness, Baldface provided all the terrain and accoutrements we could ever want for a test of this sort.

Frank April walking on clouds. p: Jeff Baker

Frank is more known for his skills in the back alleys of Quebec than the backcountry of BC, but his enthusiasm, accent and charisma while laying down powder turns and occasionally "tumbling" was infectious. After countless cat laps, multiple tomahawks, several clutch high-speed butters and 48 lens changes, Frank had gathered enough firsthand knowledge to be considered an eyewear expert. The following evaluations are intended to help SNOWBOARDER's readers see their way to the best goggle for this upcoming season. — Pat Bridges

Still clean! p: Jeff Baker


The first time I tried these goggles it was insane. I was like "Wow!" You press a little button and it changes the tint so you don't have to change lenses. You have to try it to really understand. It's really nice. These goggles felt good on my face and they look really good, which is important. There is no pressure point. They fit tight when you move. With the Prizm React technology comes a battery so these goggles are a bit heavier and you can switch the tint but you can't switch the lens. Of all the goggles I rode in these were the best at not fogging.

Sit back and enjoy! p: Jeff Baker

oakley Says:

Prizm React is a revolutionary Electrochromic lens technology designed to adapt to environments in a matter of seconds with the touch of a button. Prizm React creates one lens for all possible on-mountain conditions with three Prizm lens tint options offered through a single lens with Prizm Rose for snow and overcast conditions, Prizm Torch Iridium for sun to overcast conditions and Prizm Black Iridium for bright sun to mixed conditions.

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-Electrochromatic Tech Allows 3 Prizm Lens Tint Changes With The Touch Of A Button
-In Frame Electronics And Battery
-Rimless Goggle Design
-Prizm Lens Enhances Contrast And Visibility
-MSRP: $299

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