The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Beta—Benny Milam Full Part

Benny Milam
Home Mountain: Wild Mountain, MN
Birthday: 9/16/1998
Stance: Goofy
Supported by: Volcom, Adidas, Electric, Crab Grab, Capita, Union, Skullcandy, 1817

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Benny Milam in Quebec. p: E-Stone

(From the latest issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine—Available at FREEPRESS SHOPS or shipped right to your door here!)

The steel-filled terrain parks of the Midwest are the breeding ground for many of snowboarding's most talented rail sharks due in part to the sheer number of laps one can take in a day on the tow ropes, providing ample opportunity to perfect trick after trick. But it is also these conditions that can make it challenging to stand out among a park filled with a who's who of pros and heavy up and comers. And this makes it even more impressive that ever since Minnesota-born Benny Milam was in junior high, he has been turning heads with his prodigious rail chops and flawless jumping skills.

Quebec may look like Minnesota, but Benny is a long way from Kansas. p: E-Stone

Benny possesses an easy ability and rare execution combined with a technical trick selection—this is to say that his riding is effortless and loaded with style. When it came to charging the BETA roster with talent, Benny was high on the list to bring the heat. Over the course of the season, he landed hams, but unfortunately also battled injury, So consider his segment just the beginning in a forthcoming legacy of impressive video parts.

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