The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Resolution – Chris Grenier Full Part

Nailing it.

The 72-hour online premiere of Chris’ full part is over, but you can watch this Norwegian destroyer anytime you want by downloading The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Resolution from iTunes.

Last winter, after getting sick at the beginning of the season and being forced to lay low for both December and January, Massachusetts-born Chris Grenier hit the streets dedicated to stacking for his segment in Resolution. It’s not unusual for legendary sports icons to have to sit a few out before they can turn it on, though Chris’ situation was less Deflategate and more Justwaititoutgate. When Grendies returned to the streets, he was flanked by his teammates, Frank April, Harrison Gordon and Louis-Felix Paradis, all ready to offer support, sarcasm, or a little cameo along the way. Chris is no stranger to offering up heavy video parts that combine proper urban hams with ripping backcountry booter sessions. This duality is furthered by the fact that regardless of the terrain that this Salt Lake City local finds himself in, he has absolutely no problem dropping in and destroying it. Presenting Chris Grenier’s full part in The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Resolution in which he absolutely is nailing it.

Online for 72 hours only, so set it up and watch on repeat and when the buzzer sounds, you can re-watch at your leisure by downloading The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Resolution on iTunes.

Catch up with Chris and get the background on his winter in his High Res Interview.