The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Resolution – Danny Davis Full Part

Sky high skill from this Burton rider.

The 72-hour online premiere of Danny’s full part is over, but you can watch this Norwegian destroyer anytime you want by downloading The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Resolution from iTunes.

Danny Davis is a snowboarder who can lay claim to competitive wins and heavy medals, bu his riding skills not only heighten the admiration of followers of the contest circuit but turn the heads of those not generally acclimated to the heights of the halfpipe. More than that, this Midwestern-born rider also impresses in the backcountry. All of this is possible because Danny possesses a style that isn’t decided by terrain designation. It’s the opposite: his style rises to whatever type of terrain he finds himself on, whether sky high hip, powder-filled line, or freshly-cut tranny. But unlike a jack-of-all-trades, Danny’s affluence in a variety of surroundings does nothing to moderate his skill, instead his affluent ability amplifies the heaps of style that he possesses. It’s these all-around talents that Danny brought to The SNOWBOARDER Movie as a member of the Resolution line up. To put it blunt, Danny Davis rips, regardless of terrain and watching him snowboard is one of the best parts about this year’s movie season. And now, for 72 hours, you can watch his part in full. So sit back and enjoy.

Online for 72 hours only, so set it up and watch on repeat and when the buzzer sounds, you can re-watch at your leisure by downloading The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Resolution on iTunes.