The 72-hour online premiere of Chris’ full part is over, but you can watch this Norwegian destroyer anytime you want by downloading The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Resolution from iTunes.

There are few snowboarders whose iconic personality resonates as far as Big Frank’s. In the streets, he’s a tireless workhorse, for whom broken boards or bones aren’t deterrents when staring down consequential spots. When he’s not strapped in, there’s few people who know how to have as good a time as Frank. When you’re filming a movie, this Quebecois jibbing savant is a welcome addition, if not a mandatory one, to any crew as his work hard/play hard mentality makes sure memory cards keep getting filled and down days, spot checks and long flights are as exciting as possible. Frank April is the epitome of “leaving it all out in the streets” and this past year while filming for Resolution, he did just that, despite a shortened season that evapeorated before expected when he broke his neck, an injury, it should be mentioned, that he initially didn’t think was severe enough to stop snowboarding because he possesses an ungodly high constitution. That non-withstanding, Frank stacked last year and now that he’s 100% healed up, we’re watching and re-watching his Resolution full part in anticipation of what this high quality rider will do next.

Online for 72 hours only, so set it up and watch on repeat and when the buzzer sounds, you can re-watch at your leisure by downloading The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Resolution on iTunes.

Catch up with Big Frank and get the background on his winter in his High Res Interview.