The 72-hour online premiere of Lucas and Harrison's part is over, but you can watch this anytime you want by downloading The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Resolution from iTunes. Read the interview here! 


It’s a flood of relaxed style executed on both larger-than-life spots and creative, unique locations (read: topiary NBD’s, tight tranny, and lines that didn’t even look like lines before dropping in) in this dual segment from The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Resolution featuring two of snowboarding’s favorite snowboarders, Lucas Magoon and Harrison Gordon. Lucas spent much of his season shredding new light on different Big Bear locations, taking advantage of the storms that dropped snow in the prolific mountain town and ticking off multiple redirects, shivers and overall WTF’s all around the lake. Harrison traversed the US and Japan in search of snowfall, his easy style producing hammers on double kinks, big gaps, and rail-to-rail transfers, each and every one proper. In Resolution, each cut shot further illuminates the high quality riding that both Harrison and Lucas logged last winter. So sit back and enjoy Harrison Gordon and Lucas Magoon’s snowboarding in one stacked video part.

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For the next 72 hours only, watch Lucas and Harrison’s part from Resolution in full right here. Once the online premiere is over, you can keep watching and re-watching by downloading The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Resolution on iTunes.