The Snowboarder Movie: Resolution is available now with iTunes extras. Featuring over half an hour of behind the scenes footage, shots that didn't make the cut, and photos from around the world, the iTunes extras package will give you an in-depth look at the world of your favorite snowboarders. It is guaranteed to make you stop what your doing and want to go shred now.

Features included in the iTunes Extras Package:

– High Res: December Days With Kyle Schwartz: See the month of December through the lens of our principal cinematographer, Kyle Schwartz.

– High Res: The Straaats: See what life looked like for the street crew this winter.

– High Res: Mt. Hood With The Resolution Crew: Summer slush pipe sessions are the best. Enjoy one here with the Resolution crew.

– High Res: One Day In AK: See what one day flying in AK is like.

– High Res: Planting Mammoth's Hole In The Wall: It's not easy getting a shot in Mammoth's "Hole In The Wall."

– High Res: Super 8: Check out some of the Super 8 film we shot for Resolution.

– High Res: Through The Lens Of Adam Ruzzamenti: Adam "Beef" Ruzzamenti spent most of his winter in the streets. Here's what that looked like.

– High Res: The Slideshow: The finest snowboard photographers in the world give you an inside look and a front row seat to the filming of Resolution.


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