The 72-hour online premiere of Scotts's full part is over, but you can watch this anytime you want by downloading The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Resolution from iTunes. Read the interview here! 

One of the vanguards of snowboarding and its culture, Scott Blum is the definition of reaping what you plant. With an uncanny ability to ride away from any feature placed in his path, Blum’s fear was 86’d in ’86. If his SFD part from last year wasn’t enough, the Mammoth local graced us for a second time around in The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Resolution and as always, literally knocked everything out of the park. From giving his friends a hand with the pipe, to breaking boards in foreign lands… this is one of the greats and we are all lucky to witness any clip of him strapped in. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labor–we sure did.