A snowboard edit from a tiny Eastern-European country with no mountains and little snow. In the write up, filmer Priit Palumaa said, “Due to the global climate change, snowboarding in Estonia has become a pretty rare activity during the winter months. We get natural snow for two weeks and the ski resorts struggle with making enough snow to build and maintain a proper snowboard park. Despite the depressing conditions, I tried to stay positive and managed to stack enough footage to put together this snowboard video.”

Palumaa has another reason to stay positive, he can make a hell of an edit. We have watched the video, and it looks like they stay true to the title by being a more glass half full type of crew. Not letting anything slow them down, the fast pace edit has banger after banger, no matter the amount of snow!

Riders featured include Sulev Paalo, Mario Visnap, Ken Põllu, Hindrek Väravas, Robert Männa, Roland Mik, Simon Pettai, Priidik Vesi, Siim Aunison, Marko Vilumaa, Ivika Jürgenson, Madis Bachmann, Janne Lipsanen, and Nils Arvidsson.

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