Snowboy Productions’ Holy Bowly 2016 – The first video

After a year hiatus, the anticipation for the 2016 edition of the Holy Bowly was immense. On Monday, April 11th, Snowboy Productions head honcho, Krush Kulesza opened the gates and 150 snowboarders, all stripes of turning styles present, flooded into the largest transition paradise ever built. The crew of riders is one of the most epic assembled, the Mammoth Unbound-pushed course is absolutely insane and the snowboarding that has already gone down as everyone has started to find lines and pick apart the bumps, boobs, and tranny. Enjoy a sampling of the creativity, flow, and real awesome boarding that has already gone down and stay tuned for more over the next five days.

Filmed By Mia Lambson, Adam “Beef” Ruzzemeti, and John Cavan.
Edited By John Cavan.

Big thanks to Snowboy, Mammoth, Lib Tech, and Monster for bringing this week to life and stay tuned to the Holy Bowly website on, @snowboardermag, @snowboardervideo, @snowboyproductions and of course, #HolyBowly for full coverage one of snowboarding's favorite events.