The daily routine of Holy Bowly week is a pretty good one: wake up, coffee, gather at Chair 4 and meet up with the crew, send laps through the park until 3pm on the dot, grab a rake, shovel or your snowboard and prepare the set up for more of the same tomorrow. Each day that the assembled snowboarders spend time in Mammoth’s South Park, where this massive Bowly transition set up resides, new lines are found, trains of friends send it over humps, and as you ride through and look around, you lay witness to some of the sickest snowboarding on a positively mental playground.

Featuring Zak Hale, Colin D. Watt, Brian Pracht, Chris Grenier, Max Tokunaga, Mike Ranquet, Alex Lopez, Sam Taxwood, Maddie Mastro, Chris Beresford, Austen Granger, Harrison Gordon, Brandon Davis, Erik Leon, Jimmy Goodman, Jake Kuzyk, Mike Gray, Jaeger Bailey, Lucas Magoon, and Tucker Andrews.

Filmed by Mia Lambson, Greg Weaver, Paul Heron, and John Cavan. Edited By John Cavan.