Snowmsapiens—Episode 1… But Really Just Half of Episode 1

They titled this one Episode 1 Pt.1/2… so that leads us to believe there is going to be part 2/2. But we will let them explain.

From the Snowmosapiens themselves: Come with us as we start our series of fun filled friendly shredisodes. Were all base our lives around travel, the environment, our community, and ripping. This is part 1/2 in our two part premier. Featuring riding at Lake Winnemucca with Aspen Rain Weaver and two of the BirdFluCrew (Ross Patton and Jordan Nield). Then we launch into a bunch of our homies shredding the parks at Sierra-At-Tahoe and Boreal featuring Tim Humphreys, Matt Romanowitz, Nial Romanek, Graydon Ross, Nick Geisen, Eric Royce, Maatt Shaffer, and Nate Haust.

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