Spark Plug – Full Movie

We could serve you cheesy puns like Spark Plug is the explosive piece snowboarding needs, or it is the spark that will make you want to go riding, but we are going to avoid all that and just simply say Spark Plug is a creative and must-watch movie for anyone that likes snowboarding. As if Colt Morgan needed to add to his resume on solid snowboard filmmaking, he just dropped this project online after premiering it in Salt Lake City last weekend, and the snow world is taking notice. With standout clips from everyone involved, the movie features Parker Szumowski, Christian Buliung, Peter Cerulo, Jordan Morse, Christian Sparks, Grave Digger, Brady Lem, Colton Morgan, Andrew Aldridge, Nate Carroll, Jeff Holce, Matt Bernard, Jon Overson, Noah Peterson, Spencer Schubert, Jill Perkins, Brettt Kulas, Dsiree Melancon, Jesse Paul, and Chip. Enjoy.

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