Filmed at the Bone Zone and a nearby, out-of-season campground, the Falling Leaf chapter of Think Thank has dropped Spruces, a video many of us have been waiting for. New faces mixed with familiar, orange cones, logs, picnic tables, and tubes, Think Thank touches on the past Patchwork Patterns era but has sights set on what’s ahead.

Featuring Ted Borland, Brandon Reis, Matt Coughlin, Jeff Holce, Tucker Brown, Cooper Whittier, Brendan Sullivan, Nirvana Ortanez, Melissa Riitano, Kyle Neinhouse, Phil Hansen, Ozzy Henning, Scotty Arnold, Chris Beresford, Madison Blackley, Jackie Lammert, Dusty Miller, Chris Brewster, Chris Grenier, and Austen Granger.

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