The DIY homie movie is one of the de facto pillars that holds up the snowboarding community. Small in budget, large in drive and bouyed by a crew whose passion outweighs their sponsorship dollars, selflessly financing the entire endeavor with their enjoyment of standing sideways, in this case, in the city streets. The SRD crew, a collective of fast friends based in Alberta, has been filming together for years, though as their prowess has progressed and they’ve buckled down when it comes to stacking footage, their enjoyment of the every day spent shredding hasn’t waivered. Hence the title, Recreational Use, a nod to the fact that snowboarding is supposed to be fun, no matter if you’re about to redirect two stories into a vertical piece of cement. Over the past season, the SRD crew, made up of talented Canadians, Lucio DM, Conner Felix, Landis King, Kyle Larson, Jack Lawrence, Brett Mills, Tom O’Reilly, Josh Powell, Finn Westbury, and JJ Westbury were able to collect enough clips for a full length movie. This is remarkable for a few reasons, not the least of which is the massive cojones possessed by the squad that enabled them to step to highly consequential street spots. Additionally, Central Canada suffered from a terrible snow year in 2015-16. Calgary got snow only in December and then the rest of winter was a balmy appropriation of what the season should normally be. SRD was forced to leave their normally ripe with snowy opportunity home city and set out by caravan to colder locales, going as far as Eastern Canada and Southern California, as well as everywhere in between. So basically, these guys put in more work this past season than they possibly have ever before, yet they still had just as much fun as they always do, because, plainly put, they love to snowboard together.

So while enjoying this online premiere of SRD’s newest film, enjoy this bevy of up and coming talent, a veritable who’s who of rising Canadians. These guys all just keep getting better every time they strap in and if it snows in Alberta this year, we can’t wait to see what they’ll put together. Cheers, boys.

Filmed by SRD and edited by Finn Qestbury. Follow @srdsucks and support the local crew, by purchasing a DVD copy of Recreational Use.


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