From the Great White North, SRD has released their third full length movie, aptly named Volume Three. With the Westbury brothers, Finn and JJ, as well as breakout rider Dylan Vachon, the third installment from this Canadian crew is worth watching every second of their twenty-six-minute feature. Pay attention to these guys, because it’s likely you’ll be seeing a lot more from this crew in the coming years.

Featuring Brett Mills, Dylan Vachon, Finn Westbury, Jack Lawrence, JJ Westbury, Josh Powell, Kyle Larson, Lucio Doglioni Majer, Tom O’Reilly and friends.

From SRD:

From the The past winter marked SRD’s third season filming together, so technically it is the third volume of our work.

SRD is proud to bring you Volume Three. Why complicate things?