There are few humans who can say that they have contributed as much to snowboarding as Jesse Burtner, a founding brain behind Think Thank (along with his wife, Christina “Pika” Burtner). But, that’s the thing with Jesse, he would never admit this fact, as not only is he one of the most talented individuals to strap in (or not strap in, as the case may be) to a snowboard, he’s almost one of the most humble. Over the past twenty seasons, Jesse has simultaneously filmed twenty video parts, a stunning accomplishment in itself, but while he was dialing in his own tricks at spots around the world, this Alaska-raised rider was also incubating the riding careers of others spending time behind the scenes as much as in front of them. It’s a difficult task to consolidate two decades of winters into one video, so consider this a primer on the tricks and times had by Burtner since ’97–we recommend studying up on each and every part this master of board control has put out.

From Mervin:

It’s now been 20 consecutive years of Jesse Burtner video parts, 1997 to 2016. “Stacked Footy” looks back on these years through the eyes of Jesse and his friends and family. Jesse’s journey was heavily impacted by those close to him, pushing him and laughing with him every step of the way.  When a traumatic brain injury threatened his snowboard career he was challenged to change his approach to life, snowboarding and the video parts that define him. With the eclectic talents of fellow riders and friends as well as Jesse’s deep connection and collaboration with his wife and Think Thank co-founder Christina “Pika” Burtner he was able to go the distance and reach this milestone. How do you sum up 20 years of great times, hard work, smiles, stomps, NBDs, slams, tapes and friendships? You can’t. This is merely a snap shot of Jesse’s two decade commitment to love and life. With a whole lot of snowboarding in there too. Thanks Brain!