Staff picks: Mary – Seven Springs Paradise Teaser

I first went to Seven Springs when The Streets opened, but I had known a bunch of the good dudes on the park crew for a few years, having worked with them out at Windells. They often talked about how sick their mountain was, claims which were backed up by constant praise from magazines and the song “Black and Yellow”, which isn’t about Seven Springs exactly, but Pittsburgh is close enough. When I got to the mountain, I witnessed firsthand a local scene that is thriving with passionate snowboarders and a park crew that pays close attention to their craft. For their newest full movie, Paradise, Head Videographer Ian Macy was again on point to take the efforts of everyone at Springs and showcase them on film. Ian has got a lot of filmmaking talent and with each video he makes, short or long, he seems to get better and better. I can’t wait to watch this full movie because the crew at Springs have made one compelling teaser.