There’s something gracefully hypnotic about the pure whoosh of the wind when bombing through a park, especially when coupled with gritty follow cams that slap you beautifully in your face. Standard Dirty is the production monniker of Chad Unger, a deaf Salt Lake City-based filmmaker who has some of the most ballsy up-close-and-personal camera skills in the biz. Standard Dirty is synonymous with cinema that vibrates with subtle imagination, splicing together provoking montages, alternating film styles at dramatic intervals, and keeping things far from neat. Because let’s be honest, clean can be boring. Sorry to all of those HD aficionados out there. This one’s Standard Dirty, in the best way possible.  Featuring Peter Cerulo, Tyler Slagle, Brady Durgin, Will Steller, Ben Bilodeau, John Gardner, Peter Cimmino, Tucker Brown, Ezra Racine, Jeff Holce, Sam Taxwood, and Christian Sparks.


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