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Here we are Folks, the final installment of the Black Winter Webbies. In this episode, we are taken along with Park Assassin and Backcountry Prodigy, Lonnie Kauk on his Tahoe quest to shred any and all things before him! To ensure that the shots are top shelf, OG filmer Mike Hatchett is in the mix on this one as well. So please, kick back and enjoy this Standard Saturday super stoker that is chocked full of unseen bonus footy and re-edits. Props to the Loon Mtn park crew for making the Superpark mega jump for Lonnie to completely shut down, as well as, Monster and DC for keeping Lonnie fully dialed in with gear and beverages at all times.

Song: “Floating” by Jape. Buy it now on Jape - Floating - EP

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