Standing Sideways: Burton Teaser

When you mention Chill and Burton in the same sentence, people assume the discussion centers around the charity of said name which strives to introduce inner city youth to the snowboarding endeavor. Well, long before these do-gooders decided what they are doing, there was an epic Burton Team Video called “Chill.” As far as team videos go, “Chill” deserves a place alongside “The Resistance,” “A Young Brown Walsh” and the DC Mountain Lab as one of the greats. In it, Brushie raps and hits a handrail, JG rides switch, Peter Bauer and Jean Nerva Euro carve and Craig Kelly rides moguls. Twenty-two years after “Chill” was released, The Big B is banking on “Standing Sideways” being another legendary team video. To that end, this five trick teaser is right on track. Speaking of "on track," who remembers “One Track Mind,” the Burton Video which came out two years before “Chill?” Let’s hope “Standing Sideways” is more the latter and less the former. The last 20% of the riding shots in this teaser are insane. The bails aren't too shabby either. And the Beach Boys...Whoa.