Nitro’s Team Russia presents a full movie Stay Hippie. It’s directive is simple: in the face of gravity, chill out and ply away at your favorite form of recreation—in their case, snowboarding. Nitro’s Russian regiment is made up of Kirill Krivov, Pavel Boston, Slava Egle, Alexandr Smelov, Timifey “Lil G” Strykov, Vadim Gasparyan, Artem Pichkhadze, Sergey Zuk, Konstantin Erkaev, Alexandr Mois, and Anastasia Khamatullina. These boys have an atomic passion for standing sideways. Their excessive fervor beckons them to all sorts of rideable environments in Russia’s whopping territory. From urban zones fringed with Stalinist complexes, masterfully tailored terrain parks, to remote swathes of wilderness where even the smartest of phones can’t cop cell service, the Nitro teammates schuss with style, ease, and aggressive gusto.