STONP or Die 2 teaser – Kazuhiro Kokubo

There’s no denying that Kazuhiro Kokubo is one of the most talented snowboarders in the world. He has claimed numerous halfpipe victories, stood atop a plethora of podiums, and just plain wows with a commitment to style that is obvious every time he drops in. In addition to his storied competition skills, he waves the flag of his snowboarding beliefs proudly. These things are a few of the reasons that we are very excited to watch STONP or Die 2, featuring the riding of Kazu and the rest of this Japan-bred crew, including Teddy Koo, Kazu Kokubo, Kohei Kudo, Shuhei Sato, Yusaku Horii, and Shoma Takaoh. Enjoy this three-trick line from Mt. Hood and stay tuned for the full movie.

STONP or DIE teaser