From High Cascade Snowboard Camp:

There really is no "good" way to wrap up all of the amazing stuff that happens during summer into a 25 minute snowboard video, but we are going to try. With all of the snowboarding packed into this little cooler, we have to bring an extra picnic basket for all of the smiling campers, epic dodge ball moments, high fives, first tricks, movie nights, dance parties…the list goes on. Join us for The Summer Snowboard Movie 2017, and then join us again this summer on Mount Hood. We can't wait to board with you. Come ride with us.

For more information about the camp click here or call 503.206.8520.

The longest list yet. Featuring riding from The Manimal, Mike Ravelson, Bar Dadon, Ben Ferguson, Austen Sweetin, Alek Oestreng, Max Tokunaga, Christian Sparks, Spencer Schubert, Austin "Skiddy" Ford, Reid Smith, Cullen Bernklau, Christian Hobush, Scott Stevens, Parker Szumowski, Nate Carroll, Jacob Krugmire, Alex Sherman, Jake Kuzyk, Cooper Whittier, Sam Taxwood, Blake Paul, Miles Fallon, Freddy Perry, Austin Smith, Ryan Paul, Amanda Hankinson, Ben Bilodeau, Red Gerard, Jesse Paul, Sage Kotsenburg, Jed Sky, Dusty Miller, Max Warbington, Gus Warbington, JD Dennis, and Logan Beaulieu.

Filming by RJ McNichols, Jacob Howell, Seamus Foster, Tyler Orton, Brent McCarron, and many more.
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