As Superpark 21 loomed in the distance from a midwinter’s perspective, time went by oh so slowly. Once it was underway, time really flew, and so did everyone in this Board Over Brains edit. The Mt. Hood locals mixed it up at Mammoth with new and familiar faces from all parts of the snowboard world. Keep a keen eye on Andy Glader’s ender air section, Ian Sullivan’s nonchalant approach, and every other segment in this video by Cam Weeg.

Featuring Jonny Sischo, Gimble god and squad, Jared Elston, Corey Caswell, Jagger Heckman, Benny Milam, Ralph Kucharek, Ian Sullivan, Jordan Phinney, Cream Team, Casey Mitchell, Sam Klein, Pat Bridges, Justin Norman, Jordon Frager, and Andy Glader.

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