At Superpark 19 presented by Nexen Tire, the Bear  Mountain team created a transition paradise, utilizing Pennsylvania’s plentiful snow to build a snowpark with seemingly endless line possibilities. Right away on Day 1 of the event, all stripes of snowboarders took to the creative area and began to pick apart the options. The resulting riding was next level. Featuring Nils Mindnich, Chase Josey, Tim Humphreys, Erik Leon, Sawyer Deen Jack Kyle, Desiree Melancon, Matt Shaffer, Jeremy Cloutier, Seth Hill, Ron Forth, Red Gerard, Brendan Gerard, Jacob Krugmire, Jacob Devries, Jesse Paul, Hunter Murphy, Scotty Vine, Boris Mouton, Benny Milam, Ryan Paul, Ryland West, and Zach Normandin.

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