Superpark 21 with CHUUCH

Chicken Bone Nowison

With more rap tracks than any opposing crew at Superpark 21, you know it’s Chuuch. They roll deep, but their trick list is deeper, and they fly high with and without premium gas. New movie dropping soon.

Featuring Tanner Seymour, Cole Linzmeyer, Paxon Alexander, Jesse Ramirez, Yoguietto, Peter Cerulo, Tristin Heiner, Pat Fava, Jordan Phinney, Corey Caswell, Jagger Heckman, Sam Klein, Josh Boeser, Kyle Kelley, Demetri Bales, Christian Hobush, Sam Anderson, Matt Robinson, Kyle Roles, Mark Pairitz, Tucker Brown, Torstein Horgmo, James Wilson, and Ryan Pluche.

Video by Leif Draznin-French.

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