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Day 1 at Superpark is fully wrapped, and we’ve got the video evidence to prove it. Featuring a wide variety of park features built by park crews from three different mountains, the mix did not disappoint.

Diamond Peak’s park builders put up four sections off of Crystal’s Forest Queen Express that can all be hit in a variety of ways. Crossovers, channel gaps, a creative step up, as well as a massive step down can all be seen within their zone. Seven Springs (Pennsylvania) took a different approach, consolidating their skills into one massive feature that boasts multiple options, including a 75ft+ kicker and 28ft+ Quarterpipe. Farther down the run, Carinthia Mt. Snow rounded out the building crews with a quality creation of their own, blending a flow park with a few kickers, a tombstone hip on the riders right of the trail, all capped off with a poppy jump that has already seen a decent amount of action

The full day one highlight video features Justin Phipps, Jagger Heckman, Niek Van der Velden, Demetri Bales, Makalu Arnold, Alex Lockwood, Tucker Brown, Jack Herald, Milo Malkoski, Valentino Guseli, Jack Coyne, Brendon Rego, Jack Wiley, Jack Macdougall, and Nick Geiss.

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