Superpark 22 at Crystal Mountain presented by Oakley — Day 4 Video Highlights

Superpark 22 may be over, but the recaps will live on until Al Gore shuts down the internet. Get them while they are hot. Day 4 cranks it up a notch… featuring Wildcard, Travis Parker, Gabriel Gosselin, Bode Merrill, Demetri Bales, Sammy Blaze, Jake Aaronson, Nial Romanek, Nate Haust, Valentino Guseli, mike Rav, Austin Buza, Max Warbington, Benny Milam, Jack Herald, Benji Farrow, Denver Orr, Grant Giller, Keegan Hosefros, Kyle Mack, and Sean Fitzsimmons.

Full photo recap from Day 4 here!

Huge thanks to Crystal Mountain for having us, all the riders that came out, and of course Oakley, Red Bull, and Ikon for the support!

Ted Borland
Paul Osborn
Kevin Nolan
Mia Lambson
Derek Weimer
Ryan Finder
Drew Hastings
Daniel Vega

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