The Superpark Movie Episode 6: Greatest Hits highlights riding from the countless legends that have graced the inruns of Superpark over the past 20 years. As Superpark 21 fast approaches, take a look at the insane antics and fearless feats that have come before.

Whether it was Kurt Wastell’s record breaking jump on the Bezerker, or Ben Ferguson’s boosted method that plays on repeat on computer screens across the world, Superpark has always pushed the limit resulting in almost too many “greatest hits” to choose from. The last episode of The Superpark Movie features Travis Rice, Pat Moore, Andrew Hardingham, Danny Kass, Mikkel Bang, Scott Stevens, Sven Thorgren, Scott Vine, Scott Blum, Big Mike, Halldor Helgason, Jake Welch, Lucas Magoon, Dylan Thompson, Ben Ferguson, Roope Tonterri, Jeremy Jones and many more.

We would also like to extend our huge thanks to everyone that helped work on this project, especially the filmers, park crews, and riders that made it all possible. See you at Superpark 21!

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