words: Pat Bridges

The riders who make the annual pilgrimage to Superpark each Spring defy stereotype. Standing side by side at the drop in of any given Superpark session are icons and up and comers, jibbers and jumpers, film pros and podium regulars, home grown heroes and passport carrying journeymen alike. This eclectic crew of hyper talented and immensely creative individuals have found common ground as a part of the Superpark tribe.

Stoke and smiles somehow go hand in hand with a send it attitude as everyone rises to the opportunity to push their own boundaries on the best manmade freestyle terrain ever constructed! Great tricks and good times rule the day and with every bar raising feat on the hill, there seems to be a low brow exploit to match it off. This episode of The Superpark Movie is dedicated to the laughter that bookends the cheers and the speechless awe and the bonds that they all combine to create.

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