If you build it, they will send it! Episode 3 of The Superpark Movie is dedicated to the unsung heroes of the terrain park scene, the builders. For over two decades, SNOWBOARDER has partnered with the best of the best when it comes to making others look better. From Mike Parillo painting with a Pisten Bully brush on the Big White canvas in 1997, to Matt Mallili and the Boreal park staff redefining the definition of a step-over in Mammoth last Spring, the icons who design and build the Superpark features year after year are as instrumental to the progression of our sport as any uber pro putting a new twist on an old trick.

Push play and enjoy the look back at all the epic jibs, jumps, transitions and setups that have made this gathering so “Super” and the artisans who have made this arena so memorable. Featuring the features of Mammoth, Breckenridge, Whistler, Keystone, Lake Louise, Park City, Bear Mountain, Loon, Seven Springs, Mt Bachelor, Mtn High, Big White, HCSC and Dodge Ridge.

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