The snow-making whale is a cherished obstacle in the folklore of snowboarding. The girthy mounds are a rarity. They emerge overnight, furtive explosions of rotund transition. When these titans materialize, they are often accompanied by mellow-harshing red ropes and ruthless ski patrol enforcement. This year Mission Ridge and Snowboy Productions partnered up to create The Breach, a contest similar to Loon Mountain’s Whale Watchers, wherein a school of the mystical white giants were herded into one area and stripped of all regulations. An avid slew of riders congregated to do justice to the gaggle of whales. Ian Key, Austin Hironaka, Mitch Richmond, Aaron Cardwell, Kurt Jenson, Pete Saari, Joey McGuire, Todd Schlosser, Mike Swearingen, Ben Maki, Stefan Krumm, Matt Wainhouse, Jesse Burtner, Kevin Hanson, Jacob Krugmire, Milo Malkoski, Keala Cole and Phil Hansen all chopped into the frozen behemoths, braving top-speed airs into the deep corridors of flowing tranny. After a strenuous day of doing battle and slicing lines through the course, Matt Wainhouse and Kurt Jenson were awarded invites to this year’s Holy Bowly at Mammoth Mountain.

Filmed and Edited by Garrett Read.